Ecosystem Support is an expansion of the Grants Program. Financial support will continue to be a major way through which we help projects thrive, but impact often takes more than just money. Ecosystem Support builds on the Grants Program’s goal of supporting a healthy, creative, always-growing ecosystem around the Ethereum blockchain, by expanding the scope beyond funding.
Our focus, as always, is on deploying our resources where they will have the biggest impact. If you think your project will make Ethereum better for everyone, we want to hear about it.
The best way to find out if the Ecosystem Support Program is a good fit for your project is through a two-way conversation. Whether you’re facing a specific challenge and don’t know who to ask or where to go, or know exactly what you need and hope we can help you access it, feel free to submit an inquiry. Newcomers to Ethereum, established projects, and past grantees are all welcome and encouraged to reach out.